There’s a saying that “All ways lead to Hialeah” – a statement which resonates the fact that the city is accessible from all parts of the county in just 20 minutes of time. The city in the heart of Miami-Dade County, Hialeah, has been the centre of tourist attraction for myriad reasons. Today, the city is the seat of adventure sports, casinos, horse racing tracks and nature parks that explains its remarkable growth and popularity in a very short span.

Hialeah was initially a ‘High Prairie’ inhabited by tribes like the Tequesta and Seminole Indians. Later the place got noticed by Glen Curtis, an aviator and James H. Bright, a rancher in 1921, who then commenced developed in the region. Finally, in 1925 the region earned its recognition as a city and went on to experience massive growth.

The rise and fall of Hialeah:

Hialeah was always imagined as a centre for the elite community and it truly became one in the 1920’s with its greyhound racing, Spanish sports and for being a prime location for shooting silent movies. The rising city’s pace was however thwarted by the 1926 Great Hurricane, although its spirit remained indomitable. Despite the setback, the city regained normalcy in a record span.

Hurricane Irma: Sewage-laden flood water

The year 2017 saw Hurricane Irma striking a deadly blow to a major part of South Florida including Hialeah. The roaring wind uprooted trees and ripped roofs, snapped power poles, thus making matters worse. It was flooded everywhere, and as there was no power in the sewage pumping station, contaminated flood water penetrated every home and office. With sewage spilling out and letting in water infested with bacteria, many residents had to flee to safer places to come back only after the storm subsided and things became normal. Hialeah Restoration Expert was one of those few damage restoration companies who worked day and night during this time to bring back the lost life of the city.

How we worked through Irma?

Many people, who had experienced working with us before, dialed 786-377-6270 and reported the flood damage. We wasted no time in sending our expert team for the restoration job at the venue. Our dedicated team of experts with their protective gears on extracted the contaminated water with advanced pumps. After the removal of the water we dried, cleaned and disinfected the property using special chemicals and disinfectants, following which we restored all the damage done.

We offer the following services besides providing damage control during a flood:

  • Hialeah Restoration Expert Hialeah, FL 786-377-6270Mold remedial services
  • Cleaning up soot and smoke
  • Routine maintenance
  • Regular clean up service
  • Water leak detection
  • Restoration of water damage
  • Damaged items restoration
  • Property Reconstruction
  • Property Remodeling as per design

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