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No one ever wants to see mold creeping in their property. But it is indeed an uninvited guest that doesn’t care whether you expect it or not, it just comes by and begins its action. The HVAC that you have and a small leak from it is the starting point of it all, and the leak can eventually well up and cause havoc to the entire surface. Perhaps, many might assume mold to just look unsightly, and hence leave it as it is. But it is not! It is not harmless in the least; in fact it can lead to causation of several health hazards such as rashes, skin irritation, severe allergies, breathing problems and so on. When you spot mold and you’re in the Hialeah, FL area, call on 786-377-6270 to avail the services of a mold remediation expert at once.

Why bleaching is not the solution?

So, everyone told you that bleaching would remove the mold altogether? Then let us inform you, it is one of the biggest pieces of misinformation out there. Bleach does not clear mold! The chemicals in the bleach when you apply on the surface will clean up the mold, but not completely. These chemicals will only end up causing more mold growth. The bleach’s water will seep into the surface and provide ample room for mold growth. When you want your mold to go forever, the best option is to call the mold remediation specialists from Hialeah Restoration Expert

You need a professional when:

  • The mold growth area stretches more than 3 sq. meterHialeah Restoration Expert Hialeah, FL 786-377-6270
  • Your family at home gets sick often
  • Certain areas in your property are damp
  • Mold comes repeatedly even after cleaning up
  • You don’t know where the mold is hidden
  • There is an undetected and unchecked leak which could cause mold formation

How we work?

Understanding the science behind it:

‘Mold removal’ is not exactly the right term, although it does seem to make sense. However, technically removing the mold completely isn’t possible. The mold spores are present everywhere, and when mold exceeds the normal limits, problems ensue. It’s due to the feeding of mold, that it keeps growing. Hence the only way to eliminate mold growth is to remove all sources of moisture, as moisture, organic food source (wood, fabric etc.) and a space that is devoid of any ventilation is all that mold needs for its perfect growth.

Recognize and eliminate:

When there is an apparent mold growth, spotting it is no big feat, but there are cases when mold growth isn’t visible, but you tend to feel the signs of its presence all around the space. At Hialeah Restoration Expert we use the finest tools and equipment that are in par with the evolving technology to spot hidden mold growth, and identify the moisture that’s not necessarily glistening. Then we would move on to clearing it all up using effective cleaning chemical agents to remove moisture, disinfect the area and fix any water leak present in the area. In some cases, we even provide proper ventilation for the spot to prevent mold growth.

If you’ve got any mold growth issue in the Hialeah, FL area, then our specialists will help you get rid of it in the best manner! All you need to do is call us on 786-377-6270